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LaLicious Sugar Souffle Scrub

Sugar Souffle Scrubs

LaLicious Sugar Souffle Scrubs are highly mouisturizing and can be used in the bath or shower. After cleansing, scoop out some LaLicious Sugar Souffle Scrub with your hands, and scrub all over! Rinse with warm water to melt the sugar crystals away. Step out of the shower, pat yourself dry, and no need for lotion! Gentle enough to use every day.

Body Butters

LaLicious Body Butters are thick, whipped creams that leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This shea butter based moisturizer is enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E to heal even the driest skin, and it is paraben free!

LaLicious Body Butters
LaLicious Body Oils

Body Oils

LaLicious Body Oils nourish and protect your skin and are the best all-in-one product for the girl on the go! After cleansing and while skin is still wet, squeeze some LaLicious Body Oil into the palm of your hand, and massage all over your body. Pat dry and let oil sink in to experience the ultimate in hydrated skin!

Whipped Body Soaps

LaLicious Body Soaps are unique, whipped body cleansers that work without creating a bubbly lather. Squeeze whipped soap into your hands and smooth over entire body. This is a sulfate free product, so don't worry if there are no suds. It is cleansing your skin without drying it out! Turns your shower into a sweet and luxurious cleansing experience.

LaLicious Body Soaps

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